What's New:


  • New GMX Series - medium sized screw compressor package redesigned.
  • OMNI control panel has arrived
  • New GLX Series screw compressor package.
  • Now offering ammonia (R-717) system driers.
  • GS Series screw compressor package redesigned.
  • Electronically controlled liquid injection oil cooling (IntelliSOC) now available.  Provides more percise control; allows for significantly lower condensing pressure.


  • EvapCold - a factory-assembled, low-charge ammonia refrigeration system that requires just 2.5-3.0 pounds of ammonia per ton of refrigeration for an entire system, a fraction of the refrigerant charge associated with traditional field-built systems.
  • Eco-PMC Condenser
  • Eco-ATC condenser with the Ellipti–fin™ heat transfer coil, the offers improved heat transfer during wet operation and offers significant water savings due to extended periods of dry operation.
  • Smart Shield factory mounted solid chemical water treatment system.
  • SS coils now available for condesners and fluid coolers.
  • ATC-E - Induced draft condenser line redesigned and improved.
  • SLT - Aluminum evaporator coils.
  • Ultra~Pure Air System - the new frontier in process air science.
  • Pulse~Pure - non-chemical water treatment systsems for all cooling water products.
  • Now offering dehumidifcation systems in their make up air untis (CPA-DW)


  • MVI - Intercooler Package with Matrix controller.
  • Matrix LLC - The total vessel control solution.


  • Plate & Shell Combined - The combined solution integrates the evaporator and speration system within a single vessel.  There means no surge drum required for your flooded evaporators which saves space and refrigerant charge.